Former Cincinnati Police Chief target of carjacking in Detroit

DETROIT – Former Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig found himself the target of crime in the city he recently swore to protect.

Speaking to a group of residents, Craig, who left Cincinnati for the Detroit Police Department's top spot, shared he was targeted by carjackers at an intersection.

"There are certain cars these suspects tend to attract to, so I guess these suspects liked my police car. Yes, it was a police car with lights. One suspect jumped out and began to run toward my passenger door," Craig told the group, as reported by Fox 2 in Detroit.

Craig escaped the situation without incident and got a laugh from the crowd he spoke to.

The story was shared as part of a symposium on public safety.

Craig, a Detroit native, left his Cincinnati post June 22 after serving as chief for just under two years.

Visit Fox 2 for the original report on the attempted carjacking.

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