Brian Everett: Jury finds man guilty of killing mother, daughter in East Price Hill

CINCINNATI -- A jury reached a verdict of guilty Tuesday afternoon in the trial of an East Price Hill man charged with the 2012 stabbing deaths of a mother and her daughter.

Brian Everett now faces 33 years to life in prison for killing 39-year-old Nichole Smith and her 12-year-old daughter, Stephanie, in May 2012.

Loved ones of the victims said hours after the sentencing that they would start to seek closure.

Barbara Black, mother and grandmother, told WCPO reporter Bryce Anslinger that she wishes the two weren't dead.

"It was unnecessary for him to kill the children like that," Black said. "He could have let them go out the door, that was really unnecessary for him to keep on stabbing them and he knew they were already hurt."

Cousin of the victims, Jason Gentry is relieved that his family will get the justice they've hoped for.

"We were really looking for the truth," he said. "I know the truth. I know my friend, and I know what he said wasn't the truth."

Stephanie, who will never get to be a teenager, was known at school for staying out of trouble and loving her teachers.

Her grandfather, John Smith, said, "I just wish they'd come together and stop this senseless killing, it's too late for me, but I'm hoping for other families that they don't have to go through what I've been through and what my family has been through."

Earlier, Everett told a judge he would not accept any kind of plea deal requiring him to serve more than 22 years in prison.

On the day the two homicides occurred, Everett admitted on a 911 call that he stabbed someone. He went on to say Nichole Smith attacked him when he was asleep. He said he had been drinking and was trying to defend himself when he stabbed her.

Everett also suffered stab wounds. He lived with Nichole Smith at the time.

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