Who Knew? Coneys come with brewskies at only one Skyline and it happens to be by the ballpark

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WHAT IS IT? The only Skyline in Cincinnati that sells alcohol
WHERE CAN I SEE IT? Fourth and Sycamore streets, Downtown
WHO KNEW? Sarah Sicking, director of communications for Skyline; Sue Williams, manager of Skyline at Fourth & Sycamore

One of the greatest combinations in food history is chili with an ice-cold beer, so it’s no wonder that Skyline decided to pair the two at its highest volume location, in the bottom of an office tower at Fourth and Sycamore, near Great American Ball Park.

We asked Sarah Sicking, director of communications for Skyline, and Sue Williams, the restaurant’s manager, to tell us about this little-known menu item that has been a secret known to baseball fans and those who work downtown.

Why did the Fourth and Sycamore Skyline decide to sell beer?
This Skyline store not only attracts office workers during the day, but is in a prime location for Reds fans to visit before or after the game. We decided to obtain a beer and wine permit so pre-game crowds could have chili for dinner and also enjoy some beers without paying premium pricing at the stadium.

Why is this the only location that serves alcohol? 
In part due to its central location near large community events and because of the layout of the store. The size of the store allows for more refrigeration units. 

What types of alcohol are served?
The Skyline at Fourth and Sycamore has a beer and wine license only, so no liquor is served. It carries a variety of the national brands: Budweiser, Bud Light, Yuengling, Michelob, and Miller Lite. We also carry a craft beer selection including Fat Tire, summer shandy, and seasonal ales. We are expanding, with local beers such as Hudepohl and Mt. Carmel. Our wine selection is smaller. We stock chardonnay, merlot, and white zinfandel.

An estimate of how much beer and wine is served weekly or yearly?
How much we serve depends on which team is in town. For example, the Cubs bring some of our thirstiest customers. We can easily go through four cases before a game.

How have customers reacted?
Customers love having the option to enjoy a beer or glass of wine with their chili. While we do serve it throughout the day, we find that it is ordered more often by event-goers than office workers at lunch. The Fourth and Sycamore store also runs promotions, the most popular being two coneys paired with a beer. We even have couples hosting their wedding rehearsal dinners here and other private events.

On estimate, how many customers can enjoy a beer with their chili?
As the largest Skyline in the Tri-state, we easily see 600 customers a day. 

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