Driver charged in downtown crash involving Metro bus

CINCINNATI -- At least six people were injured in a Metro bus crash Monday morning in downtown Cincinnati.

The crash was first reported at about 10:20 a.m. near the intersection of Sixth and Main streets.

Investigators said the bus was heading north on Main Street when it collided with a westbound Ford 500 sedan that was traveling on Sixth.

Later Monday afternoon, police told WCPO reporter Scott Wegener that the driver of the sedan, Arron Dodds, ran the red light at Sixth and Main, and crashed into the front of the bus. From there, the sedan proceeded onto the sidewalk, and snapped a fire hydrant at its base.

Fortunately, no pedestrians were injured.

“We are going to have the traffic officer who was on scene conduct an investigation. I know he's 
looking at getting some video from this area, he'll make a determination on exactly how this accident occurred,” Sgt. Mark Hunley said.

Rescue crews said the injuries were non-life-threatening. Both drivers were taken to area hospitals. Dodds had to be removed from the car. Police charged him with failure to obey the traffic light.

Besides the drivers, four passengers were taken to area hospitals, including a 15-year-old.

Metro officials said a camera on the bus was rolling at the time of the crash. That video has been handed over to police for investigation.

"Metro works with the police department," Metro spokeswoman Jill Dunne said. "They're going to review the video, they're going to see if they can find any other witnesses. Of course, everyone on the bus was interviewed, so they can give their take on what happened."

Another Metro bus was in an accident two days before Monday's crash. On Saturday, two passengers, including one expecting mother, were hurt when the driver of a vehicle crashed into the bus .

The car fled the scene, and police had no description of the car shortly after the accident.

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