Suspect arrested in UC library laptop thefts

CINCINNATI -- A suspect was arrested Wednesday in connection with a series of laptop thefts inside a library at a local university.

University of Cincinnati police officers arrested the suspect for a series of thefts over the past month in the Walter C. Langsam Library on the west side of UC's main campus, according to a release from the campus police department. The release indicates the suspect was stealing unattended laptop computers from study carrels at the library.

In cooperation with the library staff, police set up a surveillance operation that caught the thief in the act.

UC police did not release the name of the suspect because they they believe the thefts are part of a larger theft ring and they are questioning the suspect in their investigation, according to Lt. Chris Elliott. At this time it appears as though only laptops were being targeted, Elliott said.

In the meantime, UC released the following statement to help ensure personal property is secure at the library and all public spaces on campus.

"Students should keep in mind that leaving your property, especially valuable electronics, unattended even for 'just a minute' makes you vulnerable to criminals," campus police warned in their release. "It's not convenient, but it's better to take your stuff with you if you are studying alone."

That's something that's easier said than done, said fourth-year student Catherine Korthauer.

"Because you think like there's so many people around that no one is going to do that, because there's so many witnesses and I'm pretty sure there's cameras in the library," she said.

Korthauer tries to sit with a group of people when she goes to the library or somewhere to eat on campus. But when she has no choice but to sit alone, she's extra careful with her belongings.

"I actually pack all my stuff up to go to the bathroom then you come back and you unpack and you pick up where you left off."

She said that inconvenience is nothing compared to having to buy a new computer.

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