Cincinnati streetcar will need $1 million in startup costs before it goes live

CINCINNATI -- In order to get the streetcar wheels rolling the city of Cincinnati will need to find about $1 million in startup costs.

That was the figure revealed Tuesday afternoon during a hearing about a cost not known when the streetcar was cleared to move forward with construction last November.

"Startup money pays for all our testing, commissioning and training so that the staff that comes in from the operating contractor is fully up to speed at how to run the streetcar, how to maintain it. Things like -- cleaning it? Just all of the little nitty, gritty detail," said John Deatrick, Cincinnati Streetcar Project Executive.

Along with the startup cost, the Major Transportation Committee Meeting is  still looking for about $2 million for annual $3.8 million budget to operate the streetcar.

The Haile Foundation agreed to $900,000 already.

Ideas floated to pay for the startup and annual costs at Tuesday meeting included a special assessment for property along the streetcar line, advertising, sponsorships, donations and selling yearly fare passes.

WCPO reporter Tom McKee contributed to this report.

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