Byron Frazier trial: Mistrial declared after defendent declares amnesia after courtroom brawl

CINCINNATI – A courtroom brawl sparked a mistrial for a man facing a murder charge in Hamilton County.

Byron Frazier was on trial for the December 25, 2012 murder of Kyila Shields last week when a fight broke out between Frazier and family members of Shields in the courtroom, according to reports.

In the midst of the incident Frazier was allegedly kicked in the head. The fight put Frazier’s trial on hold.

The trial was set to resume, Tuesday, Oct. 15, in Judge Carl Stich Jr.’s courtroom. Frazier’s defense argued their client could not remember what happened in the December incident due to the earlier brawl, and was therefore unable to stand trial.

Stich, in turn, declared a mistrial and ordered Frazier to have a mental evaluation.

The murder Frazier is accused of occurred in the 3000 block of Penrose Place, where Shields was found dead at the scene. A second person was also found with a non-life threatening wound.

Frazier was arrested on Dec. 26.

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