3-year-old injured in Avondale shooting one of many

CINCINNATI -- A 3-year-old girl shot early Tuesday isn’t the only young child to be hit by bullets in Avondale recently.

Neighbors said they are in emotional distress after seeing Leah Johnson caught in a gun battle in the middle of the night. It’s something they didn’t expect.

Leah Johnson

But Johnson isn’t alone.

There have been 1,227 reported shooting victims in Cincinnati between Jan. 1, 2011 and Dec. 15, 2013 -- and 20 of those victims were children 14 years old or younger, according to records from the Cincinnati Police Department.

Tuesday morning, Johnson became No. 21.

Four of those 21 young shooting victims were shot in Avondale.

Last year, 4-year-old Khyren Landrum was walking home from a park near his home on Blair Avenue when police say a bullet from a drive-by shooting struck him.

"He's going to be in pain, because the way the bullet hit him,” said Khyren’s mother, Aiesha Landrum, in March of 2012. “He’s lucky he didn't get paralyzed or wasn't dead."

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Avondale resident John Hudson said the violence in his neighborhood over the past few years has made him angry.

Hudson said he feels his family isn’t safe.

"Oh yeah, (I’m) pissed because…I've got nieces and nephews that live on this street that wanna’ come outside and play,” Hudson said. “Kids can't come outside and play no more.”

Hudson has lived in Avondale since 2004, and said despite the violence, his neighbors aren’t scared.

“I would say (they are) aware of what's going on around them now because anything can pop off at a moments notice,” he said. “It don't really necessarily have to be a build up. It can be just that quick. Just like the (child) that got shot.”

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