Samuel James, worldwide photographer, discusses how ArtWorks helped launch his career

Harper's photographer recalls time in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI -- At 17, Samuel James was searching for something. He didn't know what it was or where to find it.

The glory years of his youth were coming to an end. High school graduation was around the corner and unlike some, his future had no clear path.

"I was lost. I was a teenager," James said. "I was searching for some direction."

He found that direction with ArtWorks. Little did he know, that summer as a youth apprentice in 2004 would forever change his life.

WCPO Insiders can learn how James became the international "Best Young Photographer" and why he credits ArtWorks for the launch of his career. Insiders can also view a map of the ArtWorks murals as well as read where this summer's new murals will be painted.

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