Greenpeace protest at Procter & Gamble prompts Cincinnati police chief to call security summit

CINCINNATI -  What was it like inside Procter & Gamble as Greenpeace protesters staged a daring daylight protest Tuesday?

The first eyewitness account comes from Cheten Sonar, who was working for a vendor on the 12th floor of the P&G towers when people   he had never seen began showing up.

Sonar didn't know it at the time, but he was witnessing an urban assault on corporate America.

Sonar was working with two colleagues in the north tower when all of a sudden he saw two men and a woman in maintenance clothing.

He immediately noticed wires, cables and ropes hanging on them.

At first, he thought they were window washers, but it quickly became apparent that was not the case.

Sonar called P&G security, which arrived quickly to investigate, but he and his colleagues were not asked to leave.

Instead, they continued to work at their desks as the chaos unfolded just outside their windows.

That is why Cincinnati police, the FBI and American Financial corporate security are planning a security summit for businesses in the region.

"We want them to have a plan that they've practiced -- that they've shared with their employees -- not just their security folks, but their employees as well," police chief Jeffrey Blackwell said.

American Financial, whose employees are in the Great American Tower at Queen City Square, is providing expertise because its security team is headed by former Cincinnati police personnel.

"It's really not a wakeup call for us because we have spent years in developing our plans for security and plans for protecting our properties and our employees going back before 9/11," said
American Financial's Jim Burdick.

P&G has already tightened its security since the nine Greenpeace protesters slipped through it.

But Blackwell says the case isn't closed. Investigators are still looking at two people who photographed the protest from a chopper belonging to Stratus Helicopters.

The owner of the copter service,  Steve Paquette, said the passengers duped him about the flight's purpose.

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