Forbes names Madeira one of the 'best school for your buck' in the Midwest

CINCINNATI -- The Madeira School District has been named as Forbes' No. 2 'Best Schools for Your Housing Buck' in the Midwest.

The Forbes list ranked schools across the U.S. by region. Madeira was ranked second in the state of Ohio with an average housing cost estimate of $211,500. Of the 10 schools listed for the Midwest, 8 of them were Ohio cities. The Midwest region included 12 states.

The article ranks districts that provide kindergarten through 12th grade schooling, with reasonably large student bodies of more than 1,000 students. Forbes then factored in standardized tests per state and region, and screened towns and cities where the median home price was less than double the national median (calculated by Zillow).

"This method gave a nearly overwhelming advantage to states like Massachusetts, Minnesota and Ohio, where the average scores on NAEP tests were 14 percent or more higher than low-scoring Mississippi and the District of Columbia," according to Forbes.

Factors cited by Forbes that top-ranked schools on the list have in common with Madeira are:

  • Small towns within driving distance of major cities 
  • Highly involved and dedicated parents 
  • Independent foundations to help cover school costs without driving up property taxes.

Other notable mention: Fort Thomas Independent Schools in Kentucky ranked No. 4 on the regional list for the South with a typical home price of $77,200. 

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