DJ's 2 Cents: Cincinnati has changed, get used to it

Some people my age heard about the Washington Park makeover and thought it was an absolute waste of money.

Boy, we were wrong.

It is magnificent. At first I thought the same about the Central Parkway bike path. Sometimes my generation fails to realize how Cincinnati has fundamentally changed since we shed our training wheels.

Fifty years ago we were home to 34 foundries. Now there are three.

Our industrial base has withered since 1964 from regulation, stagnation and relocation.

We are now the streetcar, Over-the-Rhine, the Reds, the Bengals, the Banks and hotel clusters sprouting like tulips.

We are no longer a manufacturing powerhouse, but a guesthouse – a regional entertainment center.

And the bike path is the latest lure to get people here. Might as well get used to it and other coming attractions, because for better or worse, the foundries aren't coming back.

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