Despite weather's gloom, some kids trick Mother Nature for a dry Halloween night

WEST CHESTER, Ohio -- Blustery would be one way to describe Thursday night's weather, the one night of the year when kids want most to be out enjoying it. 

Trick-or-treat went on in some places despite the gloomy winds and rain, and some kids tricked Mother Nature to treat the kids. 

"They said they don't care if they get wet, they want to go out and get candy," parent Mark Kaiser said. "I remember some miserable Halloweens, but you know what we did? We went out and got candy." 

There were plenty of folks who donned their masks and stuffed their bags with sweeps while escaping the rainfall. They went to IKEA. 

"With this nasty weather, we was just going to stay in, and then my husband seen on the internet about IKEA doing this, so we thought this would be perfect," parent Bridget Johnson said. 

So within the West Chester store, anywhere from the sofas to the silverware, kids in costume grabbed goodies - inside. It was a last-minute decision for IKEA, one that served a dual purpose. 

"It's nice to window shop while you're here," IKEA employee Kitalena Mason said. "So while the kids are picking candy, hopefully they're picking out a sofa or a kitchen."

Rain -- nor wind or nor sectional couches could keep Tri-State kids away from the candy bowl tonight. 

Lanny Brannock, WCPO constributed to this report. 

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