Dangerous cold prompts shelters to open doors, expand services

CINCINNATI -- The dangerous cold is prompting Tri-State shelters to open their doors to make sure needy families and the homeless stay safe.

The New Prospect Baptist Church announced Monday that it was staying open for a few nights to offer hot food and warm shelter. The church is located at 1829 Elm St.

The House of God church at 131 S. Wayne Ave. in Lockland also opened its doors Monday night from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Those who needed it were allowed to transfer to the New Prospect Baptist Church at closing.

Church leaders said they plan to open their doors again Tuesday night, as well.

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The church said it has seen a spike in people looking for shelter recently.

"We'd like for all the people that don't have some place to go to know that there is some place in Over-the-Rhine that they can come to,” said Ray Andrew of the New Prospect Baptist Church.

Church leaders said they hope to open a new location in April that will seat 600 to 700 people. The new church will be located at 1580 Summit Road in Bond Hill.

The current church seats about 500. Parishioners said they plan to keep both locations open on the coldest nights.

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