Cryotherapy: Bengals' Domata Peko takes deep freeze at minus-200

Athletes, others turn to nitrogen for relief

CINCINNATI – More than 200 degrees below zero, and that's a good thing?

It is for Domata Peko of the Bengals and other pro athletes looking for relief, and it might be just the thing for your aches and pain.

It's called cryotherapy. You just stand in an icy chamber of nitrogen.

It looks like a witches' cauldron, but it produces a deep, quick, natural healing freeze.

"This procedure was made for rheumatoid arthritis in 1978.  That's how whole body cryo therapy came to be," said Chris Parsons, owner of Cincinnati Cryo Spa .

Soon athletes who were used to jumping into ice baths discovered this was easier and faster.

"First, you kinda got to get used to it, but it's actually quite soothing,"  Peko said.

It quickens the recovery time from aches and pains for those who play sports for a living, and also for the everyday person like Lori Summers, a sales rep who just wants to feel better.

"Because there is an endorphin release when you do this treatment, there is an additional calorie burn , there's a 4,800 calorie burn after you get out of this machine because your metabolism gets so hot."

Cincinnati Cryos Spa is one of only three facilities in the Midwest, so it's new and different.

"It scares people," Parsons said.  "It's negative 319 (degrees). People are like, 'Why would you do that to your body?' "

That's what I decided to find out for myself. In a matter of seconds, winter was back.

Soon the thermostat was saying minus-143 degrees Celsius.

It just felt refreshing.

You wait for it to hurt, but it never does. Moving around helps spread the freeze.  Two and a half minutes go by in a hurry.

It's really quite enjoyable, and  it's a cold you don't have to shovel.

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