Community with candlelight gathers for Brittany Stykes, continues hope for answers

RIPLEY, Ohio -- Thursday marked one year since Brittany Stykes was found dead along U.S. Route 68 in Brown County, so the community held a special gathering to remember her during their search for answers.

Stykes was shot and killed near Georgetown while on her way to celebrate her father's 49th birthday. Her unborn child didn't make it, but her 1-year-old daughter was shot in the head and managed to pull through.

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As the community gathered around a cross at the site where 22-year-old Brittany was killed, they prayed together in hopes of learning who fired the gunshots that took her life. Her family and friends invited anyone who knew Brittany, or who just wanted to join in prayer and show support, to be part of the vigil.

More than 100 of Brittany's loved ones and neighbors said they miss her dearly, and want justice to be served.

Catch scenes from Brittany's memorial by watching the video player above.

The same helicopter that airlifted Brittany after her killing flew over the memorial, and landed near the cross in honor of her.

Raegan Copple was a close friend to Brittany. In fact, the two girls spent almost every day together.

"We were sisters that had two sets of parents," she said. "She was a wonderful person, loving... had no enemy.”

Investigators have gone for 365 days with no suspects.

Brittany's parents have waited one year for pieces of a puzzle to fit together.

"I think I’m like any parent that has lost her child," her mother, Mary Dodson said. "You want to know why, and you want to know instantly why... you don’t want to have to wait a year.”

The Brown County Sheriff's Office said they've received about 70 tips from Crime Stoppers and community members, but none have panned out.

Until the killing mystery is solved, the memory of Brittany will be her parents' only means of comfort.

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