Police report reveals how riotous 'Staffordpalooza' crowd got out of control

CINCINNATI – Reports submitted by University of Cincinnati police officers show how unruly college students turned a party into what one Hamilton County assistant prosecutor on Monday called a “riot.”

According to reports submitted by UC police officer Robert Gutierrez, unwanted guests and an alcohol-fueled fight sparked the incident that ended with 20 Cincinnati police in riot gear dispersing 500 people just off of the college’s main campus.

The incident occurred after two UC officers responded to a request by a renter on Stratford Avenue about an un-welcomed guest in his apartment. That guest tried to instigate a fight, according to Gutierrez's report.

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Once the apartment was cleared those officers found themselves unable to leave the street as revelers poured out of yards and houses, and grew increasingly rambunctious.

The two officers, identified as Ellison and Kidd in the report, tried to exit the scene in their cruiser.

PO Kidd used the microphone in an attempt to tell them to clear the street at which time they began throwing cans and bottles of beer at vehicle, 239,” the report states.

The cruiser, the officers stated, received minor damage that included a broken side mirror. As the officers inched their way down the street they called Cincinnati Police District 5 “to inform them of the situation and that this party probably needed to be broke up.

Once on the scene, Cincinnati police determined they needed riot gear as the crowd continued to pelt arriving officers with beer bottles.

District 5 then informed that they would be going into riot gear to disperse the crowd due to the number of people and the throwing of cans and bottles and police officers," the report stated

Once gathered in gear at the corner of Stratford and Probasco, Cincinnati police brought the crowd under control and dispersed the party without further incident, the report indicates.

The two UC officers who initially responded to the party made one arrest after the crowd engaged them. A man identified as 19-year-old Noah Prellwitz was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated, resisting arrest and underage consumption after he attempted to throw a beer can at cops when they exited their vehicle.

Police took Prellwitz and two other students into custody because of the incident.

At least one of those other people arrested was not a University of Cincinnati student.

Ian Ireland of Bright, Ind.,  appeared in Hamilton County court Monday where he received a $1,000 bond on a single count of disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

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