Boy, 9, dies after falling through ice on pond on Hopewell Road in Franklin Township

FELICITY, Ohio – A 9-year-old boy died Sunday after he, his twin sister and another young girl fell through ice while playing on a pond.

All three children went into the water after the ice cracked on the pond on Hopewell Road in Franklin Township at about 2:30 p.m. The boy and one of the two young girls he was playing with went all the way through the ice, according to Franklin Township Fire Chief Brad Moore.

"Both of the kids fell through the ice. Like I said, we were able to rescue one right away on scene. The second one we were about to rescue but that's when he went under, when we arrived," he said.

Landon Williams says he was watching the Bengals game at his home in Felicity when his wife spotted the children playing on the frozen pond on their property. 

"I told them to get off the ice and go back the other way because that's the lowest part of the pond, and they all turned around and started going that way, and two of them went down," he said.

Williams and his wife called emergency crews and then went down to the pond to help.

"I grabbed a long extension cord and a rope and I drove around over there and tied the extension cord to the rope and threw it to the one little girl. I threw it out a couple time and didn't reach her."

The boy was submerged in the pond until the Task Force One Dive Team was able to recover him, Clermont County Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg said in a release. It took roughly an hour to get the boy out of the water.

EMS units administered first aid to the boy at the scene before transporting him to the Southwest Regional Hospital in Georgetown. He was pronounced dead at about 5:30 p.m., according to Rodenberg.

The girl who had to be rescued was taken to Southwest Regional as a precaution. She is listed in stable condition, according to officers at the scene.

Rodenberg said the other girl was able to escape the pond on her own and is expected to be OK.

Law enforcement officials did not identify the children by name but said they were all between 9 and 10 years old.

While they do not live on the property where the pond is located, the children had been playing on and around it for several days leading up the incident, Moore said.

"Apparently, they'd been on the ice previously in the last couple of days, came back out here today to play on the ice again and obviously today with temperature change they had some issues," he said.

Moore said there were no adults in the area while the children were playing.

"(The) biggest safety tip, obviously, don't have your kids around the ice, especially in variable temperatures," he said. "Hopefully everyone can learn from this."

You can find a full list of ice safety tips from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources here .

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