Dog travels from Afghanistan in search of a home

NEW RICHMOND, Ohio -- Mike and Perla Kinne have dedicated much of their lives the past four years helping animals that may be deemed “unadoptable.”

They started the Angels Rest Animal Sanctuary in New Richmond in 2009.

“We are mostly a hospice sanctuary where we primarily try to save animals that are on death row or endangered because they are old or injured or have some issues that make them unadoptable by other places,” said Perla.

While Mike was posted in Afghanistan as an independent contractor working for the armed forces, he and some coworkers befriended a stray dog that liked to hang around the camp, named Whiskey.

Perla says that after a yearlong friendship, Mike and his coworkers didn’t know what Whiskey’s fate would be once they packed up and headed home to America.

“He was used to living with Americans and had been treated like an American dog,” Perla said. “It probably wasn’t going to be a good outcome for him if they had left him behind.”

The couple immediately took action by contacting Puppy Rescue Mission, an organization based out of Texas, that specializes in bringing animals home from overseas that soldiers and former soldiers befriended.

“They understand a lot of these animals actually help (the soldiers) make their experience overseas bearable,” Perla said. “They don’t want to break that bond. So we solicited their help.”

The organization donated $1,000 to help bring Whiskey to the States.

“I also want to acknowledge that some of the contractors in Afghanistan are donors too and helped to fund bringing him home,” Perla said.

Whiskey arrived in America on Aug. 26.

“He’s a very nice dog… he’s still learning what life is here,” Perla said. “He went from the camp to a holding facility in Kabul to plane flights and he’s been moved around a lot, but he’s very nice.”

Perla said Whiskey has become a bit territorial of his crate, understandably, because he has never really had a home of his own before.

“We are trying to get him used to one place with a family and a family life which he has never had.”

Perla said Whiskey has a perspective adoptive family, but it’s not a 100 percent done deal. Whiskey still needs time to adjust to his new surroundings before being placed into a home.

Mike and Perla were grateful of the Puppy Rescue Mission and the contractors that refused to let their canine friend be left behind.

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