Milford School District offers 'Blizzard Bags' as alternative for snow days

MILFORD, Ohio -- The Milford School District is offering an online program as an alternative to make-up days. 

Due to recent snow storms blasting our area, many school districts have exceeded their five day "calamity" closure limit. Calamity days are used when circumstances such as hazardous weather conditions, disease or damage to a school building affect students. When a school exceeds this limit, it will normally tack on days to the end of the school year.

Instead, Milford is offering a program called "Blizzard Bag." This online program allows students to complete assignments within a two-week period instead of having to attend classes in the summer.

The Ohio Board of Education allows for this type of online offering but plans must be submitted during July. Any Ohio school can utilize this option.

Parents were sent emails Tuesday morning explaining the option. According to our Facebook feedback, a majority of parents jumped at this opportunity.

"My daughter knocked it out," said Melissa Barbosa Braun, who has two children. "Better than adding days to the end of the year."

Several WCPO readers said more schools should implement this type of plan, saying it's a "great alternative." More than a dozen parents commented on our Facebook page, saying their children are already done with the assignments or are currently working on them.

"As a parent of Milford students, I think this is a brilliant idea," said Kristy Boaz. "Not only does it keep my kids working on the extra days off, but it keeps them busy and interacting with the school on snow days! I love it!"

Don't have Internet access at home? It's no problem. Students can pick up their assignments when they return to school and have the same two week allotment to complete the work. Students will not be punished for lack of online access.

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