Police warn of homemade explosives found in some Goshen Twp. mailboxes

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Goshen Township police warn residents of homemade explosives, known as MacGyver bombs, which were recently found in several residential mailboxes.

Captain Bob Rose said Monday that the bombs were placed in mailboxes of the 1900-2000 block of Woodville Pike over the weekend. When residents checked for new mail, they found bombs instead.

The bombs, Rose said, are made up of household chemicals and aluminum foil. If they explode, can cause serious damage.

The unstable chemical reaction means there's no set time limit on the explosion, police said.

The MacGyver bombs, also referred to as "pop bottle" bombs, are commonly made in water or soda bottles, between 12 ounces and two liters in size. The liquid inside the bomb may look cloudy or discolored, and the bottle may appear distorted, like it's under pressure.

Homemade explosives found in a Goshen Twp. mailbox

George Anderson was one of the residents whose mailbox was hit, leaving a mess behind. He told WCPO reporter Evan Millward that his mailbox was damaged, as well.

"So now I'm going to have to come out and clean it because the mail's got sticky stuff on it now," he said. "I don't know what that stuff is in there, you can see it, it's all messed up in there, it's something else."

Anderson fears the danger isn't over.

"They hit all the big mailboxes around here, so I'm kind of worried about my neighbors because if someone comes out and opens one of those boxes, maybe they get their eyes blown out," he said. "I think they put something like Drano or Liquid Plumber in there and it has a reaction with the tin foil and that's what happens."

Police ask that anyone who comes in contact with an explosive to clear its area and call 911. They hope police find the suspects behind the bombs before someone gets hurt.

No suspect information was immediately released.

As police investigate the incidents, they ask the public to call (513) 722-3200 to report helpful tips and information.

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