Amelia police say tainted candy, sick children rumors on Facebook are false

AMELIA, Ohio -- Police say rumors that six children were sickened by tainted Halloween candy in Amelia this week are false.

The rumors began spreading on Facebook Saturday morning, causing fear in many Amelia residents.

The Amelia Police Department was later made aware of the spreading Facebook post, which stated the following:

"Any one that took your kids to Amelia (Quail Creek) PLEASE check your kids candy REALLY GOOD! Candy that was in wrappers like Tootsie rolls, gum and smarties, had something put in them that put 6 kids in Clermont Mercy ER!"

Amelia police contacted representatives with several local hospitals and say no such cases have been reported.

"Our departments has also not received any reports to support this claim," Amelia Police Chief David Friend said.

The person who made the initial post has been contacted by police and told to remove it.

Friend said the incident is still being investigated.

Amelia police are urging all parents to check any candy given to children as a routine safety precaution.

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