Cindy Grieve: Rare female line worker is good with one-liners

 BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio - Monday is national Thank A Line Worker Day. These are the people who turn the power back on after a storm rolls through.

Cindy Grieve is one of them, and she's good with one liners.

It's rare to see a woman on the line. Grieve is one of 50 female line workers for Duke Energy out of a total of 5,000.

The mother of seven says she enjoys her job and her male coworkers.

"It's challenging. It's like working with a whole bunch of kids," Grieve said.

But Grieve has been at it for 27 years.

"I like being outdoors, getting up in the air. It's just interesting work," she said.

Grieve recognizes the danger of the job and appreciates the importance of keeping power flowing.

"There's a lot of people with dangerous jobs, but we have our work practices to mitigate risk. That's what we do," she said.

She thinks more women would like the job, too. About a third of Duke's line workers will be retiring in the next 18 months. 

"It's s a little different because there's not a lot of females out in the field, but if you want to do it ,the opportunity is there," she said.

Grieve doesn't like to stand out from the crowd so she dresses like the guys and blends into the background of pictures.

She says that's easy compared to the one big challenge she faces daily.

"The toughest part of my job is finding a bathroom," she laughed. 

And the best part?

"Love us or hate us, we still turn you on."


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