Cincinnatians rejoice! You're cheapskates

CINCINNATI -- Are you a cheapskate? You’re in the right city.

If you live for haggling prices at the flea market or become absurdly excited over saving pennies while couponing, you apparently aren’t alone.

New data looked at cities where living costs are well below average and incomes are higher than average and, you guessed it, Cincinnati landed on the list of the top 10.’s list says the combination of prosperity and affordability should appeal to cheapskates and spendthrifts alike.

They looked for places with plenty of low-cost or no-cost activities, such as public libraries and museums, concerts and films, lectures and performances. The site included the number of Dollar General stores in a 10-mile radius of each ranked city as well.

So what did they find out about the Queen City?

The metro population stands at 2.1 million with a 9.2 percent cost of living.

The median household income is $54,651 with 284 nearby libraries and museums and 11 Dollar Generals within a 10-mile radius.

The site credits low housing and utilities costs for our city’s cheapskate appeal and say Cincinnati’s home values stand 16 percent below the national median, at $156,400.

They also credit the average rent for an apartment in the area standing at $754 a month, compared to the average $1,110 a month for the U.S. Energy costs also total 17.7 percent less than the national average.

Now let’s get to the (really) good stuff.

They say lower costs don’t equate to fewer free, fun activities in Cincinnati- and they’re right.

Cincinnati comes in second on the list for the number of public libraries and museums. The Queen City also offers five regional and 70 neighborhood parks, 34 nature preserves, a 1,459-acre forest and free concerts six days a week on Fountain Square.

Here is a full list of’s 10 Best Cities for Cheapskates:

1. Omaha, Neb.
2. Ogden, Utah
3. Des Moines, Iowa
4. Columbus, Ohio
5. Raleigh, N.C.
6. Cincinnati
7. Salt Lake City
8. Austin, Texas
9. St. Louis
10. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

For more information on Kiplinger's list, click here:

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