Cincinnati man fined more than $100,000 after agents say he used fake ID in workers' comp fraud

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A Cincinnati man owes the state of Ohio more than $100,000 after pleading guilty to using a fake ID to get workers’ comp while being employed as a janitor.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation said John Monday, aka John Turner, owes the agency more than $100,000.

Officials said Monday pleaded guilty to fraud in Franklin County Court on Tuesday.

The agency launched an investigation after getting information that showed Monday had worked at the Cincinnati Spine Institute as a janitor for more than 20 years under the name John Turner.

The issue came to light when officials said Monday sought treatment for pain from a physician at the institute. According to a report, Monday told the physician that he was already being treated for injuries related to a previous workers’ comp claim.

After switching doctors, investigators said Monday realized he had used his real name and asked the office not to file the visit because he was not supposed to be working.

While working at the institute, Monday had been receiving benefits from the BWC since 1990, officials said.

Monday was found guilty of one felony count of workers’ compensation fraud and the judge ordered him to pay restitution of $105,169.23 in addition to court costs and $3,692.84 for investigative costs. 

Monday will be on probation for five years under the conditions that he has no new convictions, and establishes an income within 60 days.

Officials said if he violates those terms, Monday will serve 18 months in prison.

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