Cincinnati is top dog in the US when it comes to hot dogs

CINCINNATI - When you think of hot dogs, Chicago probably comes to mind. But Windy City residents don't compare to Queen City palates, as a new report reveals Cincinnati is the top dog when it comes to hot dogs per restaurant.

Food Genius , a Chicago-based food data analytics company, wanted to see where Chicago ranked in terms of hot dog availability.

Chicago, traditionally seen as the king of the hot dog with their massive amount of toppings on a traditional Chicago dog and multiple specialized hot dog restaurants that have gained national fame, was only the 28th top hot dog city, with 1.2 percent of restaurant menus containing hot dog items, according to Food Genius.

Cincinnati, however, was the top dog, with 7.27 percent of all local restaurant menu items containing hot dogs.

We all know about Senate in OTR and their gourmet dog delights, but that's just one restaurant. What is it about Porkopolis that ranks it so high? The Cincinnati cheese coney.

That beef and pork hot dog on a steamed bun, topped with Cincinnati-style chili, onions and shredded cheddar cheese gives this city one more thing to brag about.

And Cincinnati doesn't just take the top spot, they own the hot dog-involved meal. Number two on the list was Detroit with a distant 3.7 percent thanks to their style coney, and third was St. Louis with 3.02 percent.


To read Food Genius' full report, go to .

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