Newport considers ban on single-serve liquor bottles

NEWPORT, Ky. -- A Newport city leader aims to stop loitering and panhandling by banning the sale of single-serve bottles of alcohol.

The River City News reports that City Manager Tom Fromme asked the City Commission to consider a ban on what’s commonly referred to as “airplane bottles” because they are a favorite among panhandlers.

Fromme told the commission the problem is apparent as litter from bottles because it’s cleaned up often.

No ordinance has been fully drafted and City Solicitor Daniel Braun had concerns whether any ordinance would survive a legal challenge. The liquor industry and distributors would likely challenge the ordinance.

Other cities across the nation have tried to combat panhandling with similar ordinances.

Some commissioners questioned whether the proposal would punish the rest of the community and whether it could be enforced efficiently.

Officials said they would continue to research the idea.

Click here to read the story in its entirety at The River City News.

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