Local woman awarded for saving two lives in one day

NEWPORT, Ky. -- Newport officials honored a Tri-State woman for saving two lives at different times in one day.

Alison Ruebusch's quick thinking saved a man at the Newport Aquarium, then a woman at a Target store.

Ruebusch is the operations manager for Ride the Ducks, the company that takes people onto the Ohio River in amphibious vehicles.

"I try to go on as many tours as I can throughout the summer, just to make sure things are going well," she said.

On the day when she helped two people who were in trouble, she said, "It was challenging to get through the day."

A visitor at the Newport Aquarium went into cardiac arrest. Ruebusch heard the call from her office, grabbed the nearest defibrillator, and sprang into action. She found the man, with a nurse practitioner there doing chest compressions.

"I helped her to hook up the AED, and we were able to bring him back," Ruebusch said.

Later that day, she headed to a Target store for some shopping.  A woman had fallen inside the restroom, hit her head and was trapped inside. Ruebusch believed a quarter would open the locked door.

"We weren't sure where the key was," she said. "So I looked at the handle and it looked like a quarter would open it."

The quarter did the trick.

"When we entered the restroom, she had fallen. She was conscious, she was talking to us but we just kept her calm until Newport EMS showed up," Ruebusch said.

When EMS showed up, the responders were the same people who responded to the first emergency at the aquarium.

"I was just thinking... is this for real?" Ruebusch said. "Cause this just doesn't happen."

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