Case continued for New Miami High School students accused of Facebook threats

HAMILTON, Ohio -- The case of two New Miami High School students accused of making Facebook threats against the school was continued Tuesday until Dec. 20. 

The two St. Clair Township teen girls -- one age 14 and the other 15 -- were arrested Oct. 28 after a teacher alerted school administrators of their social media conversation that authorities called “terroristic.”

Two hearings on the case were held in November in Butler County Court. One revolved around a request to bar the media from court proceedings. The judge ruled that media coverage could be allowed.

In the other, one teen was arraigned and the judge ordered that both remain in detention until their scheduled hearing Tuesday.

One of the girls’ attorneys also tried to secure their release during the November hearing.

An attorney for one of the girls told WCPO reporter Jay Warren that once the evidence is shown this case will not be as serious as it currently appears to be.

"We would ask that she be released. Her family wants her home, she would like to go home,” defense attorney Dawn Garrett asked the judge.

Both teens will have to undergo psych evaluations.

Authorities found no weapons when the girls were arrested. They were charged as juveniles with delinquency by reason of inducing panic, as well as delinquency by reason of making terroristic threats.

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