Miami University Police Department throws retirement party for its 9-year-old canine

OXFORD, Ohio -- Miami University's Police Department (MUPD) hosted a retirement party on Monday for its 9-year-old canine, Ero.

Ero, a German Shepard from Germany, came to MUPD in 2005 as the first canine officer to serve the unit. 

He began work with Officer Keith Hibbard in 2007 -- which would bring the beginning of a nearly decade-long friendship. Ero was thereafter certified as a dual purpose canine, trained in patrol functions and explosive detection. He was considered one of the best bomb dogs in the state of Ohio.

"He understands what I want from him without me having to give him a command," Hibbard says. "I can understand his body language and he understands what he needs me to do to help him succeed in his job."

After seven years of service, Ero's time with the department has come to an end. He was replaced by Figo, a Belgian Malinois.

Ero will spend his retirement as a member of the Hibbard family, where he will join the family pet and the new top-dog, Figo.

"Ero's part of our family and is with me and my wife and children all day, every day," said Hibbard. "I think I found my match with this dog."

Police dogs, like Ero and Figo, are used for MUPD as tools to enhance the capabilities of officers during investigations and are treated as official members of the police department.

9 On Your Side Reporter Tony Mirones contributed to this story. 

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