With Liberty Center project under way in Butler County, other developers, businesses look to cash in

LIBERTY TWP., Ohio – With the big Liberty Center project in Butler County well under way just south of the regional highway near I-75, others are looking to cash in nearby.

"It is like the queen bee,"  says Mark Sennet, CEO of Beckmark Properties.

Sennet and his partner are looking to put a shopping center along Cincinnati Dayton Road north of Wyandot and another project south of Wyandot.

"I've been out here about 16 years and this is a booster shot and we have initially some more development that's going to take place - not so much because of this - but the critical mass is what is important," Sennet says.

Which is to say that deals may get done sooner when construction on the big project is already under  way.

Local  businesses that are already established, like West Chester Veterinary Center, are also looking to benefit from the extra traffic.

"I think it's going to give Liberty Township a little more of an identity in terms of developing a community center," says Michael Gigis  of West Chester Veterinary Center. "You're going to have a place where high school football teams can go after the game."

Sennet hopes that critical mass explodes in his direction.

"As Will Rogers used to say, 'Find out where everybody's going and get there before they do,' "Sennet said.

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