John Boehner's Butler County GOP endorsement reflects party division

BUTLER CO., Ohio –  The Butler County Republican Party endorsed Speaker of the House John Boehner for re-election to Ohio’s 8th Congressional District last week, but not without a significant amount of party members expressing their displeasure with the congressman from West Chester Twp.

As reported by Michael D. Pitman in the Journal-News, Boehner received only 73.8 percent of his party’s endorsement vote for re-election in his home county. For many longtime party members the percentage is the lowest amount of approval Boehner has received.

“It’s a reflection on us, more so than with John,” Butler County Republican Party Chairman Todd Hall told the Journal-News. “A year from now, that number would be completely different, and that comes back to the word unity, which I’m striving for.”

Hall was elected last week to lead the county party. In referring to unity he referenced the three-way contest that drew 26.2 percent of the endorsement vote to GOP primary contenders J.D. Winteregg,  Eric Gurr or none, as Pitman reported.

And now that Boehner won the party’s county endorsement he still faces some opposition. The Tea Party Leadership Fund also announced last week it would seek a primary opponent to run against Boehner. A website, was launched for that purpose.

One Liberty Tea Party member, Mark Etterling, explained to the Journal-News why he voted for Gurr instead of Boehner at last week’s GOP meeting.

“It has to do with him not being vocal enough against bad policies of the liberals. Boehner needs to be more forceful of (conservative) positions … and make the left explain their positions rather than defending our positions,” he said. “He has the biggest megaphone conservative can have at this point, and he needs to be using it.”

To read more about Boehner’s Butler County GOP endorsement and possible challenges ahead click here to read the full Journal-News article .

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