Wife defends Aurora Police Chief Bryan Fields after his arrest on domestic battery charges

'He's a good man. He's a good chief.'

AURORA, Ind. -- Following his arrest Sunday on domestic battery charges, the police chief of Aurora, Ind., is being defended by the person he’s accused of hurting: His wife.

Holly Fields said what happened early Sunday morning between her and her husband, Aurora Police Chief Bryan Fields, is "simply a misunderstanding."

State troopers arrested Bryan, 42, at his home in the 400 block of Harrison Avenue after his son called 911.

Authorities said a fight between the couple resulted in Holly being taken to Dearborn County Hospital.

But Holly said she’s not hurt and Bryan is a “good husband.”

"This is being blown out of proportion. It's not what it seems,” Holly said. “It's not like what was portrayed. He's a good man. He's a good chief. He's a good cop. This shouldn't happen to him."

But the 911 call made by their son tells a different version of what happened Sunday.

“My dad went out to a bar. My mom went out to find him. They got into a fight. They came back. They started fighting. I held her off (inaudible section),” their son can be heard telling a 911 operator.

“I was holding him back and then he got away from me. I couldn't hold him back anymore. I walked outside. I came in because I heard a loud ruckus. Then my dad was on top of my brother. He started punching him. Then I got in to help," the boy continued.

The son describes a violent scene and said his parents told him not to call emergency responders.

“They were telling me if I called they'd say nothing happened,” the boy said. "My mom told me I'm kicked out if I call the police."

Authorities from Indiana State Police are investigating the case and said Holly may be facing charges as well.

Bryan is still in the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center and is expected to appear in court Tuesday morning.

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