Fatal officer-involved shooting ends in crash through Brown County government building

HAMERSVILLE, Ohio -- The person killed in an officer-involved shooting that ended Tuesday evening when his vehicle plowed through a Brown County government building has been identified.

On Wednesday, an official with the county coroner's office identified the man as Albert Robert Clayburn, according to WCPO reporter Shannon Kettler.

Authorities say a Hamersville officer shot Clayburn before an SUV drove completely through the Hamersville Village Board Of Public Affairs building at the intersection of West Main and North Orchard streets.

The New Richmond man died later Tuesday night.

While it was not immediately determined if it was the officer's shots or the crash that ultimately killed the man, the Brown County Coroner told Kettler that Clayburn died from injuries sustained in the shooting.

Officials said the officer shot the man after a pursuit and the man lost control, which caused the vehicle to crash through the building at about 7 p.m.

The incident started with a single call to police.

hamersville shooting crash

"They had gotten a call of a suspicious person, went to check him out and the guy reacted in a violent manner,” said Buddy Coburn of Brown County Prosecutor’s Office.

A witness reported seeing an officer running down the street discharging his weapon, then seeing the vehicle drive through the building, authorities said. 

"The suspect ran, got into a car and began dragging one of the officers," a witness said. "The officer opened fire, then the suspect crashed into the Hamersville Public Affairs building where they hold Mayor's Court and other village business."

The witness told WCPO reporter Jason Law that the man was in "bad shape" when they took him to the hospital.

Coburn said, “A gentleman was confronted by the Hamersville Police Department. Something transpired. At this point we don't know exactly what. The guy fled and obviously attempted to do harm to the officers. During the issue he was subsequently shot,” said Coburn.

Mark Liming was in the area when the crash and shooting took place.

"I heard gunshots earlier. I didn't know where it came from because we're used to noise in this town," Liming said. "I came up through here and next thing you know, I saw this van [SUV] going through the building, then I saw the cop running."

He said Hamersville is home to many children.

"That's the main thing about this town," Liming said. "There's still a lot of kids in this town. Something like that happens in this town, we're all like, wow. We're all a small community anyway."

The incident left law enforcement officials jittery as well.

"They had just gotten done with Mayor's Court not very long before that. It really hits close to me because my wife's the Mayor's Court clerk. She had just left and the magistrate just left not too long before all this happened,” Coburn said.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation examined the scene Monday night.

Officials say there is extensive damage to the building. Two officers were injured but are expected to be OK.

Hamersville is southeast of Cincinnati.

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