Shane Stykes: Husband of slain Brown County mom Brittany Stykes breaks silence to radio station

GEORGETOWN, Ohio – The husband of a 22-year-old pregnant mother found shot to death in her car in Brown County last week told a local radio station Friday he doesn’t think her death was random.

Shane Stykes, 37, is scheduled to take a lie detector test soon, but first called Cincinnati radio station WEBN Friday morning and spoke with host Kidd Chris to reach out for help in the case.

“My wife and I are big fans of the show,” Stykes said, audibly holding back tears. “I’m calling for your help. Last Wednesday, my wife and unborn child were murdered on Route 68 in Brown County.”

Brittany Stykes, of Ripley, was found dead in her husband’s Jeep off U.S. Route 68 Wednesday, Aug. 28. A preliminary report from the county coroner states at least five shots were fired and two struck her. She was 17 weeks pregnant when she was killed.

Stykes’ 14-month-old daughter Aubree was also in the car during the shooting and was injured.

“I’m still in shock about this,” Stykes said to Chris. “I put my wife in the ground on Wednesday and I’ve been living with my daughter in the hospital ever since. I don’t know if I can go home. I have no idea what’s gonna’ happen here.”

Stykes said cases similar to the death of his wife are “unheard of” in his community and that he lives in Ripley to stay away from crime.

“I don’t want to be around the drug scene,” he said. “All my neighbors are all very friendly. We’re all very close. That’s why I don’t get this."

During a press conference Thursday, Brown County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy John Schadle said investigators have video of Brittany Stykes driving at 7:30 the night she was killed. But he wouldn't say where that video was shot.

Schadle also added that detectives have a witness report, but so far they have only been able to narrow down the window of the shooting to 35 minutes, from 7:30 to 8:05 p.m.

Stykes said he doesn’t believe the shooting was random.

“My vehicle that my wife was shot in is a pretty unique vehicle,” Stykes said to Chris. “And most everybody in my county knows that vehicle and that’s why…. I don’t know.”

Chris interrupted Stykes and asked, “Are you saying this was supposed to be a hit on you?”

Stykes responded, “That I don’t know. I don’t have anything that I’ve ever done in my past that would provoke something like that.”

Stykes said he builds control panels for conveyer systems for a living, and is not a gambler, a drug user or someone who drinks a lot.

He said his family is very tight-knit and he is close with Brittany’s parents.

“We have no idea what this is about,” he told Chris. “We’re family people, man. There’s no bar scenes. There’s no shady people in our life. There’s no nothing like that.”

Stykes said he called the station so that he could solicit help to find his wife’s killer.

He said he’s given detectives names that he thinks could “be suspect,” but with investigators at a standstill with leads, he has reached a point of frustration.

“Obviously, you’re a popular guy,” Stykes told Chris. “I’m asking for any kind of help that you can offer. I don’t like asking people for help. You have the power of the media on your side and information. I’m just hoping somebody knows something. I’m begging anybody…I just want to find who did this to my family.”

Stykes said his daughter Aubree, who is being treated at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, is “doing amazing.”

He added that he doesn’t understand who would shoot at a child and that he hopes by reaching out to the radio station, tips to solve this crime will come in.

“We’re obviously dealing with a coward,” Stykes said. “Whoever did this is a coward. I don‘t know if cowards are going to expose themselves.”

Stykes confirmed to 9 On Your Side that he is scheduled to take a lie detector test soon, but would not give an exact date. He said the test is voluntary.

I-Team investigative reporter Jason Law contributed to this report.

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