Bright ideas: WCPO introduces a weekly feature to highlight local crowdfunding efforts

CINCINNATI - The Tri-State is rich in creativity and bright ideas. Many artists, community activists and entrepreneurs are ready to run with projects and programs, and they’re turning to crowdfunding sites to fuel their ideas.

Each week, we’ll highlight two projects that are underway and asking for your support via sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We will keep track of projects and report on whether they reached their funding goals.

Project> The MS Manifesto: Thriving In Denial  

Started: Nov. 12, 2013

Goal: $8,000 

Project By: Nancy Stewart

After a full recovery from a stroke, left-side paralysis and a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Nancy Stewart is now ready to share her story about recovery and the rebirth of spirit and determination.

Stewart saw that sharing her story with friends, family, and co-workers had a positive effect on others. After much coaxing, she finally put her struggles on paper and completed a book called "The MS Manifesto."

  • Where will the money go? To publish the book and related materials.

Steward hopes her book will help the MS community and caregivers by identifying the common threads among all patients and help eliminate the depressive loneliness and isolation of the disease. Stewart also believes the book will teach important lessons about patient self-advocacy, the importance of exercise and nutrition, and the need to focus only on what can be controlled.

Why should people support "The MS Manifesto: Thriving In Denial?"

Nancy Stewart says: "With over 1.3 million people now diagnosed with MS, telling her story, and eventually the stories of others who THRIVE in denial, is critical to show the newly diagnosed patients that an MS diagnosis is not a death sentence."

Days until this project closes: 16

WATCH: "The MS Manifesto: Thriving In Denial?" video

Project> Scribble Jam 2014

Started: Nov. 7, 2013
Goal: $100,000
Project By:  Nick Accurso and Mr. Dibbs

Scribble Jam has been an important part of Hip-Hop culture in the Tri-State area since 1996. In 2008, the event took a hit from the economy in both attendance and sponsorships. A belief in the event and what it could mean to the Tri-State area has Scribble Jam's original organizers still leading the charge to bring back America's largest hip-hop festival.

  • Where will the money go? "To bring the high quality of performers for which Scribble Jam is known. All of the money raised here will go directly into making 2014 our biggest and best Scribble Jam ever!"

Co-founded in 1996 by "Fat" Nick Accurso, Jason Brunson, and DJ Mr. Dibbs, Scribble Jams of past years have included MC’s, DJ’s, and break dance battles. Performers have included such Hip-Hop legends as KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, and Brand Nubian. 

Why should people support Scribble Jam 2014?

Nick Accurso says: "Hip-hop, Cincinnati, and music in general will benefit from Scribble Jam. The event is a highly anticipated one that spans over three days, bringing musicians and enthusiasts together for a common goal. The event will additionally bring much needed traffic and patronage to local hotels, restaurants, shops, and bars."

Days until this project closes: 41

WATCH: " target="_blank">The Scribble Jam 2104 video

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