Will Jet Blue land at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport?

Low-cost carriers' passenger rates on upswing

HEBRON, Ky. – An escalating number of flights and an increased passenger load is giving the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport more to barter with when it comes to other carriers keeping a keen eye on how low-cost carriers are thriving at the once-puttering airport.

CVG is starting to materialize its success, Nathan Smith, Kenton County Airport Board member, said.

After nearly a decade of a continuance downturn, CVG is mining a trending uptick in passengers and credits that to the growing low-cost carriers’ flight options, said the airport’s CEO Candace McGraw.

“The early success of Frontier and Allegiant show that the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky community is ready to support low-cost carriers entering the market at CVG. This gives other carriers considering CVG the confidence that their operations can also be successful,” McGraw said.

“Other airlines are watching what’s going on here,” Steve Arlinghaus, Kenton County Judge Executive, said. 

One of those other carriers observing CVG’s numbers could be Jet Blue, an optimistic Arlinghaus, said.


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