Kroger graveyards: What happens to empty stores when a Marketplace takes its place?

Newest store opens in Florence, more coming

FLORENCE, Ky. — The Kroger on Mall Road in Florence is gearing up for its newest Kroger location to slide its doors open, but that means just on the other side of Florence Square, the old store will shut its doors.

The stores bookend the Square and with a grand opening slated for April 17, it means the former Kroger opened in 1977 makes way for a store that is 100,000 square feet larger.

WCPO Insiders can  explore an interactive map of Tri-State Kroger stores, showcasing when they closed, opened and what they are now--or if they are part of a Kroger graveyard. Why are some so difficult to lease or sell? At $25 million a pop, is the new store worth it for Kroger's bottom line and your community?

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