Blanchester man arrested for asking online stranger to rape 4-year-old child

BLANCHESTER, Ohio -- A Blanchester man was arrested and charged Friday for allegedly seeking a stranger online to rape a 4-year-old family member, and using the Internet to distribute child pornography.

Court documents showed 36-year-old Stewart Kidwell used a social dating website in October, 2013, to find someone to rape the young child while Kidwell watched. He got a response, but that person reported Kidwell's request to the Cincinnati Police Department and the FBI.

Investigators then collaborated with the witness to keep Kidwell talking and to find more evidence.

During investigation, Kidwell sent sexually explicit photos of the 4-year-old and said he'd set up a meeting with the witness where the sex acts could take place.

Kidwell appeared in court Friday, where he was charged with coercion and enticement of another person to engage in illegal sexual contact with a minor child. Kidwell could serve ten years to life in prison if convicted. In addition, Kidwell could get five to 20 years for a count of distribution of child pornography.


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