Bethesda North Hospital relents, releases medical records of woman's spouse

CINCINNATI -- A Blue Ash widow will watch what happens at the U.S. Sixth Circuit of Appeals Wednesday with rapt attention after winning her own legal drama over same-sex marriage.

Marcia Gallas was in the midst of a dispute with Bethesda North Hospital over her spouse's medical records.

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According to Gallas, the hospital claimed the couple’s marriage didn’t give her legal access to Barbara Graham's records.

Graham died of cancer on Easter Sunday.

She said the hospital relented Tuesday and released the records to Ohio State University.

Gallas said the fight never would have happened if Ohio recognized same-sex marriage.

“It's a tremendous relief. This is honoring Barbara's wishes. And I never set out to shame the hospital; I just needed them to do the right thing. And now I can relax and know we've done what needed to be done,” Gallas said.

Since June 2013, there have been 34 rulings in favor of marriage equality from 26 different federal and state courts.

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