University of Cincinnati offers help to prevent suicides

Need help? Call 513-584-5098

CINCINNATI - The death of Robin Williams is igniting a new discussion about suicide the signs, and how to prevent it.

One place where trained experts offer help is the University of Cincinnati Mobile Crisis Center.

Erika Ward is a licensed social worker who does everything from manning the phones to working with police. She says families often know there is something wrong, but can't pinpoint it.  That's when she says you should call 513-584-5098.

"I always tell people even if you are not able to vocalize your concerns, call us and we'll walk you thru and hopefully we'll ask the right questions to get you there," Ward said.

It's hard for any of us, even professionals to reconcile the manic,  hilarious entertainer Robin Williams with the reality of someone depressed and desperate enough to kill himself.

"i think it's always tragic when someone feels they don't have somebody else they can reach out to, and I thought, that's sad," said Janie Mynatt, director of social work at Connected to the Community.

Before it comes to that, these professionals say there are signs to watch out for:

> Talking about wanting to die
> Hoarding medicine
> Buying a gun
> Insomnia
> Losing interest in things
> Withdrawing from family and friends.

We looked into some other resources to turn to for help:

> The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.
> . SAVE is an acronym for Suicide Awareness Voices of Education.
> The Trevor Project is also available 24-7 for young people who feel suicidal or just need a safe place to talk. That number is 866-488-7386.

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