Cincy yoga studio's upcoming retreat takes Yin & Juice just outside Tri-State

CINCINNATI -- Sit down, Snoop Dogg. For some local yogis, 'Yin + Juice' may be the new gin and juice.

In an upcoming yoga retreat, The Yoga Bar plans to visit Kentucky's Natural Bridge State Park, where a weekend of yoga and wine is goin' down.

With two locations - one in downtown Cincinnati and one in Northern Kentucky, The Yoga Bar holds several retreats and events throughout the year.

Yin + Juice: A Yoga and Wine Weekend is set for September 19-21. With a little under two months left before the retreat's departure, there is only one double occupancy room available, according to Rachel Roberts, founder of The Yoga Bar and Bija Yoga School.

If you're interested in being a part of the retreat, Roberts said a $200 deposit is required to hold your spot. Rooms range from $375 - $450, depending on occupancy. To reserve a spot, visit The Yoga Bar's retreats page online .

Maybe you don't know the difference in Uttanasana and Utkatasana... but don't worry, you're invited anyway! All levels of yoga practices are welcome for a weekend of detoxifying yoga practices, gentle yin sadhana (self enrichment) and meditations.

"Each retreat features activities designed to highlight the natural wonders of the location," Roberts said. "In Slade, Kentucky we enjoy hikes in Natural Bridge State Park or lazy floats down the local waterways, or just simply sitting in a porch swing watching dragonflies dance for your enjoyment."

When in Kentucky, Roberts said there will be plenty to take in.

"A yogi is one who observes, who is mindfully present as often as they can be. So yoga need not only take place on a mat. Yoga can be mindfully observing, enjoying a bite of fresh food, or the laughter of your partner, or in sipping a fine vintage."

Regardless of your personal knowledge and experience with yoga, a retreat is a time when you take a few days for yourself.

"Retreats allow you to pause, to rest and to reconnect to what is truly important and positive in your broader life," Roberts said. "It’s like hitting the reset button through mindful meditations, writing prompts, connection to nature and to other people who remind you that we are all here doing the very best we can in each given situation and sometimes we fail, other times we excel."



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