Clyde Gray improving after second hip replacement surgery

CINCINNATI -- What do Jane Fonda, Tom Watson and Billy Joel have in common with Clyde Gray?

They've all had hip replacements and Clyde left last month for his second hip replacement surgery.

Many of you have wondered how Clyde is doing and when he's coming back.

Before he left, 9 On Your Side reported on the pain caused by degenerative arthritis.

“Where I frequently run into issues -- sitting down and getting up, or sometimes just sitting down," Clyde said. "If my leg is at the wrong angle, it makes bone rub against other bone, just produces pain."

Dr. Thomas Shockley performed both of Clyde's hip replacement surgeries.

"When we do a hip replacement, we're replacing parts of the body that are worn out,” Shockley said. “The hip is a ball and socket joint. The ball typically wears out, flattens, changes shape and the socket, too, wears out corresponding to the ball.”

During the procedure, a surgeon removes the natural ball, and replaces it with a plastic one, attached to a metal stem that is inserted into the shaft of the leg bone.

Shockley says Clyde's recovery is going well.

He'll be back at work soon, joking around again and moving better than ever before.

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