Ask the Nurse: 7 questions to clear up allergy & cold confusion. And why does Timothy grass hate us?

CINCINNATI - Nurses provide the TLC we need to feel better and stay well. In our new "Ask the Nurse" feature, WCPO contributor Gretchen MacKnight consults a Tri-State RN for the expert and common sense answers to some of the questions we have about our health. We invite readers to submit their questions, so read on to find out how!

Living in the Tri-State means allergies for people of all ages. In this week's "Ask the Nurse," a UC Health RN clears up some of the confusion that sets in when you're sniffling, sneezing and downright miserable.

Become a WCPO Insider to read the checklist nurse Candace Olsen says can clue you into your condition. Plus, find out why a grass called Timothy can be your worst enemy. 

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