Food trucks rolling into Taste of Cincinnati with a flavor of their own

These meals on wheels were new to the fest in 2012

CINCINNATI -- This is how far Cincinnati has come with mobile food: Three years ago, food trucks weren’t allowed into the Taste of Cincinnati. With a half-million people descending into Downtown over Memorial Day weekend for the 36th annual Taste, food trucks will park and serve up food from their own alley.

In the developmental arc of food trucks, Cincinnati is still a toddler—on its feet, learning to walk with confidence, trying to understand its place in the larger world. Nine food trucks have their place on the Taste menu alongside 56 traditional restaurants.

Some might see food truck alley as a placating gesture, like shuttling the kids to their own play area while the more established brick-and-mortar restaurants have booths several blocks west, near the festival’s hub of Fountain Square. But for those banking their entrepreneurial futures on four wheels, Taste of Cincinnati is an unmatched opportunity to market themselves and establish food trucks as legitimate options for credible edibles.

Insiders can read more about food trucks and their influences at Taste.

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