Eric Specht loses son to heroin overdose, starts organization to help others

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. -- A Northern Kentucky man who lost his son to a heroin battle just eight weeks ago is fighting back against the epidemic that has swept over the Tri-State.

Eric Specht's son Nicholas died from an overdose after getting treatment twice and relapsing. He was 30 years old.

“Even though the paramedics were there quickly...they weren't able to do anything for him,” said Specht.

The Specht family decided to turn their grief into action. They founded the organization NKY Hates Heroin to help others when they have no idea what to do or where to turn.

“Break down that stigma, we want to get people talking about this. It is such a huge problem,” said Specht.

Every single case of someone pleading guilty or found guilty of trafficking heroin gets a recommended prison sentence. Commonwealth attorney Rob Sanders knows the statistics all too well.

He told residents at a Fort Mitchell narcotics forum Tuesday night he wants to put an end to the number of heroin overdoses in Northern Kentucky each year. Sanders said the rate was up a shocking 550 percent last year. 

“Heroin addictions are causing deaths on a daily basis. I estimate if not more than once a week we are getting heroin overdose deaths,” said Sanders.

For Specht, his son's recent death is never far from his mind. He copes by knowing he is no longer in pain and struggling with that powerful addiction.

“That's comforting. Of course we miss him. Everywhere you look in the house is a reminder he is no longer there with us,” said Specht.

Specht’s said his son was an organ donor and helped save five lives. Specht is hoping he can save even more through his organization and educating people.

For more information on Northern Kentucky Hates Heroin visit .

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