Cincy Science: Staying connected to the office isn't necessarily a good thing

UC study examines the impact on mind and body

CINCINNATI - There’s no doubt technology keeps us connected, but what does it do to our lives, careers and families? The psychological effects of constantly being on the job virtually is being examined by University of Cincinnati researchers, who have initially called the constant presence of technology a "frenemy," with both positive and negative effects.

There’s this tension because technology is great and it allows us to integrate and be more flexible, but at the same time that can be a bad thing long-term because of the potential health and psychological effects of always being on," said University of Cincinnati associate professor of psychology and study researcher Stacey Furst-Holloway. "So that’s the question that’s really driving the study.”

The study, funded by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), will attempt to identify healthy practices and policies for technology in the virtual workplace.

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