School's out for winter? Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants legislature to add more 'calamity' days

COLUMBUS – Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich wants a one-time increase in school calamity days because of the unusually severe winter in the Buckeye State.

Many schools have already used their five allowable “calamity” days or are close to the limit, Kasich said.

Kasich urged the General Assembly and Ohio Department of Education to work together on legislation providing a few extra calamity days this year.

“School closures can, of course, be an inconvenience but student safety always comes first,” Kasich said.

If schools have to make up snow days at the end of the year, “it can wreak havoc with schools budgets and schedules,” he said.

Kasich enacted legislation in 2011 increasing the number of calamity days from three to five.  This proposed increase would be for the current school year only.

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