Ross High School student threatened to kill principal, take over school, officials say

ROSS TWP., Ohio - A student’s bravado spoken over a live Internet connection while playing video games may have led to his arrest and expulsion this week, 9 On Your Side’s Jay Warren reports.

A Ross High School junior threatened to kill the principal and take over the school, police said.

The teen has been charged with aggravated menacing and making terroristic threats.

A Ross senior said he knows the teenager who was arrested and expelled - and why.

"Honestly, I think it was just a couple of kids being stupid and really made quite a mess when it happens all the time,” said the senior, who didn't want to give his name. “I mean, kids say stupid things and people exaggerated and rumors spread."

The teen said there's typically "a lot of big talk" while playing video games.

"There's a lot of video games out and people are talking on the video games and a lot of people exaggerate,” he said. “There's a lot of bullying going on in there. Basically, a lot of people started talking and have big mouths."

A mom picking up her son after school said she was shocked.

"We’re out in the country and I know that’s what everybody always says when something like that happens, but you really don't expect it here,” Gina Frankenfield said.

Frankenfield said she was happy with the way the district handled the situation.

“I know that Ross is always taking a lot of precautions to prevent things like this from happening, and they're usually very responsive and on top of things when it does happen," she said.

No weapons were found on the student, according to Ross Township Police Chief Mike Broughton.

“He admitted to what he did” when questioned by police at the school, Broughton said.

The teen was in juvenile court Thursday morning for a preliminary hearing and is being held in the Butler County Juvenile Detention Center, the Hamilton Journal-News reported. There is a chance he could be tried as an adult, according to police.

“We take any kind of threat in that nature, whether joking or not, very seriously,” Broughton said. “We have 1,100 students in that school. We have to act on that and believe it’s serious.”

Principal Brian Martin issued this statement:

“Our number one goal at Ross High School is to provide a safe environment for learning. We appreciate the support of the Ross Township Police Department in helping us accomplish that goal.”

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