Field Trip: Cincinnati Art Museum gives kids behind the scenes access any grownup would envy

CINCINNATI - Teachers around the Tri-State use innovative and creative means to engage their students and instill a love of learning. With our "Field Trip" series, we head back to camp or school for lessons in what works.

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Kids are getting a look at art from a new perspective at the Cincinnati Art Museum this summer. In Art World, campers learn through a different theme each week, including music; “Around the World,” about  art from each continent, and “Be Our Guest,” which focused on serving ware.

“We do a lot of the same things, but the way we approach it is different with the younger kids versus the older ones,” said Russell Ihrig, Coordinator of Interpretive Programming.

WCPO Insiders can read more about the all access program and what kids actually think of Art World.

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